Netbook Hack – How to Make Your HD Video Play Faster!

I just found this cool netbook/nettop hack on how to make your HD videos play flawlessly on Amazon, this might work well for my Eee PC as my Youtube videos lag badly.

Can be frustrating, but there is a solution:

> Deactivate deblocking filter on all the codecs that support it (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

How ?

Install klite codec pack, and at the end of the setup, choose deactivate deblocking.

If you use build-in codecs player programs such GOMPlayer, there are options for quit deblocking filters.

This way you can play even 720p hardly encoded videos, you will see some blocks here and there, but no frame skipping or audio cuts.

Alternately, if you need more performance, you can choose 16bit of color depth.

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