Where to Order Great KimChi Online?


Here, I just found a site where you can order some great kimchi online, I guess the founder of this company is also a guest write on boingboing, one of my daily reads.  Great, now I can order my kimchi regardless where I am at in the States.  Of course, we have a huge Korean supermarket here in San Francisco so I don’t really need to order it online but for those of you who live elsewhere, this might come useful. (found while reading this bb post)

FYI, Kimchi is one of the most healthiest side dishes in the world.  Btw, you don’t eat Kimchi by itself ever but with rice and/or soju. 🙂

Don’t forget, you can also learn how to make kimchi right here on Zedomax.com!

Another thought for those of you who are dating Korean girls or want to impress them, learn about Kimchi.  hahaha.

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