Garden DIY – How to Clean Your Yard with Rental Goats!

You know, everytime I go to the zoo, one of my favorite animals to pet are the goats.  They are so friendly and cool.  But I guess goats can be used to clean all those unwanted bushes in your garden/yard as they can practically eat anything!  This is such a great idea, especially if you have been resorting to machines and other methods that pollute our environment and add to the carbon footprint.  And yes, “rental” goats.  If you do rent some goats, I am sure your kids would enjoy them too.

With that in mind, take a look at this: brush-clearing goats! That’s right, rather than spending tons of money and time on diesel-powered machines, filing the proper permits, and administering dangerous herbicides, the Seattle-based Rent-a-Ruminant organization will loan your a team of 100 goats for all your brush-clearing needs—all at a very modest rates.

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