PIC DIY – How to Make a Simple LED Binary Clock!


If you seen these cool binary watches, you might want to consider learning the inner-workings by building yourself a simple LED binary clock such as this one using PIC microcontroller.  Of course, this would mean you would first have to learn how to program a PIC first but you can use a simpler microcontroller like CUBLOC or BASIC STAMP, both of which you can program in BASIC language, probably the easiest and simplest programming language for starters.

This second version is based around a PIC16F628A running at 4MHz to control the display, it also uses a DS1307 realtime clock chip to do the timekeeping. Every second the DS1307 sends a pulse to the PIC chip, the PIC then reads the internal time from the DS1307 over the I2C bus and then displays the time in binary on the LED display.

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