DIY iPhone Wedding Cake!

Are you kidding me?  iPhone cake for a wedding?  Well, actually, it might be a good idea to highlight things as iPhone GUI icons on your wedding day.   For this couple, they listed stuff like Texas A&M, must be where they went to college together and met.

If you run out of ideas for your wedding cake, now you know there’s a good alternative, the iPhone Wedding Cake!  hahaha, I wonder how much they spent on the cake though, must be pretty darn expensive.  I would say around $1000 at least, what do you think?

Our iPhone wedding cake by the fine folks at Charm City Cakes of ‘Ace of Cakes’ fame. Our wedding was in May and I’ve been meaning to put this up for the my fellow Mac fanboys.

via mashable





2 Responses to DIY iPhone Wedding Cake!

  1. zedomax says:

    Agree, this one is cool!

  2. zedomax says:

    Agree, this one is cool!

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