Water Powered Flashlight!


Back in 2007, we posted a video from MIT showing that water could possibly be used to power batteries.   Well, within months, a Japanese company NoPoPo came up with water-powered batteries that can even use your own pee to power them.

Now, this water-powered flashlight is available, all powered using NoPoPo water-powered batteries, way too cool.  I suggest you to get one for emergencies.  This flashlight lasts virtually forever!

The NoPoPo Mini Lantern is pure craziness: a lamp powered with nothing but water! Simple to use, rechargable almost anywhere, and lasting up to ten years without losing charge, the NoPoPo is a perfect addition to any emergency kit, camping gear, survival set, and more. The versatile mini lantern can be used as either a flashlight or a unidirectional lantern; just slide the cover up to change modes.

via keetsa

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  1. Only chargeable 5 times! 🙁 buuuhuu would be the battery of my life otherwise

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