Router Review – Fonera 2.0N Router Keeps Downloading After your Computer Turns Off!


Fonera 2.0N router maybe making some innovations far above traditional routers like ones from Linksys.  The Fonera router has bunch of cool features like ability to download bitorrent files by itself using its web GUI or even turn any USB device into a WiFi device by hooking up to its USB port.

That’s not all, according to Wired, the Fonera also can work freely on Fonera network on road for free WiFi:
(and does not dry your bandwidth by as QoS is used to control guest WiFi users)

Owners who share their connections thusly get to use other Fonero’s networks when they travel. And because the router sets up two separate networks, one private and one public, you never have to worry about having your bandwidth, or your data, sucked dry. That is what the Fonera does. The new Fonera 2 does the same, and a whole lot more, and I have been testing it over the last few weeks. It also has one big, big problem, which makes it almost useless, for me at least.

Not bad at all for the price of $99 its being offered through the site.

I might get one to test it out real soon, although I wish the unit was a bit smaller and portable.

On the side note, I would like to know if there’s a way to hack it like my current Linksys unit that runs DD-WRT FAST.

via wired

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