Paper DIY – How to Make Cool Notepads!

Even with the creation of new gadgets such as touchscreen laptops and smartphones, I can still appreciate the use of physical notepads and I usually will opt to use them over my electronic counterparts as they give me more creative powers with out all the electromagnetic radiation from LCD displays.  When I make new business plans for new blogs, I make sure to use my trusty, physical notepad, not my computer.

Anyways, I am always looking for cool notepads but here’s a great guide on how to make cool notepads yourself from scratch.

But there are moments in life when the prosaic pressed-pulp appeal of proper paper is preferred.

For those particular purposes, we proudly present these paper pads, complete with pictures on the cover.

Fabricate a few fetching folios with photos of your friends, or pair them with pencils to make pleasant presents!

via lifehacker



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