Solar Car Racing Taking Off in Australia!



Solar car racing is happening in Australia, I think this would be a great movement towards future commercial solar cars.  I don’t think we are that far away especially with the number of hybrid cars out there already with Prius already applying some solar panels.  I would love to own a solar race car one day.

SYDNEY — A 3,000-kilometre (1,860-mile) solar car race across Australia’s desert heartland began in the northern city of Darwin Sunday, organisers said.

The cars left Darwin in hot and humid weather at about 8:30 am (2300 GMT Saturday) on the journey that is expected to end mid-week in the South Australian city of Adelaide.

“We had 32 vehicles start this morning,” Mike Drewer, a spokesman for the World Solar Challenge, told AFP, adding that weather conditions were good for solar cars.

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  1. r4 dsi says:

    We have to save energy for saving our future.WE have to use more natural source like that they are rebuilt or not make effect on environment for fuel and electricity. In this way solar car is solution for fuel and by making solar car race we can encourage people for using this type of cars.

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