Halloween DIY – How to Make a Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio!


Here’s a great Halloween DIY involving a spooky tesla spirit radio.¬† Using some basic circuitry, the tesla spirit radio can tell a lightning storm coming from hundreds or miles away or even detect ghosts within the range of your house during Halloweens so you can get ready with a gun in hand if zombies decide to raid your house.¬† Learn how to make the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio here.

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is a crystal radio circuit in a jam-jar. It makes fun spooky sounds by responding to input from several types of electromagnetic sources. This non-powered radio plugs right into the computer sound-in jack, and makes use of audio software for real time sound effects.

In the accompanying movie, I show how the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio reacts to many frequencies of light, sound, vibration, radio frequencies, RF pulses, magnetic fields and more!


via hackedgadgets

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  1. It will be a useful one for all. Specially people living near sea and places where maximum threats of lightning storms.

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