Food Hack – How to Make Sukiyaki!


Sukiyaki is a Japanese Beef stew filled with vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, and more plus some noodles of your choice.  My mom used to make a bunch of this as Sukiyaki great for eating while cooking the stew itself with a portable burner.

Every once in awhile, I make this too.

First, you will want to make the soup, simply boil some water and add about 1/4 cup of soy sauce, maybe couple teaspoons of sake and sugar until the soup tastes just right.  If you have had Sukiyaki at a Japanese restaurant, you will know what to do here.

After making the soup, bring the pot to about medium and start adding some of your favorite vegetables.  You can get kinda creative here as Sukiyaki will take almost any kind of vegetables and make it into delicious, edible food.

Also start adding some noodles and thin slices of beef.  (For the best slices of beef, head to your local Korean/Japanese market, they should have super-thin slices that will cook literally within seconds of dumping it in the Sukiyaki pot.)

You don’t have to add everything in the beginning, try to keep adding a little bit of everything when you run out.  And yes, it tastes best if you try to eat while cooking, you can buy a cheap portable burner for like $20-30.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to make Sukiyaki then eating it, you are not going to have as much “fresh” taste and that’s not the point of Sukiyaki.  Well, if it’s just for one person, you, that might be okay though.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to make Sukiyaki if you want to see how the real Japanese make it:


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