Windows 7 Upgrades Available Now

For those of you who have read the Top 10 reasons why XP will be around longer and still want to fiddle with Windows 7, you can as Windows 7 upgrades are now officially available:

For the record, you will need to get the Windows 7 Ultimate if you want language support for international languages.   For myself, I need Korean support since I do often and on write to some of my old friends in Korea.  XP supported this natively on the Home and Pro versions so that means you will shell out more for that.

I think if you are an early adaptor, get it now but if you are happy with your current setup, don’t waste your time upgrading, just wait until at least Windows 7 SP2 comes out.

As for me, I will be getting a new netbook anyways, I will get it along with that.


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