Travel DIY – How to Have FUN in San Francisco!

I am not a travel freak nor do I have tons of money to go everywhere but I can surely afford to take vacation around where I live, San Francisco.  I do enjoy living here simply because it’s also a really good tourist spot.  Anytime during the week, I can imagine that I am a tourist again and visit some of the most fun spots in San Francisco.

Anyways, even if you don’t live in San Francisco, you can come here and enjoy the best spots that the SF residents like me enjoy including things to do, places to go, and places to avoid.  I’ve outlined them on our travel blog over here so check it out if you are thinking about vacationing in San Francisco.

But for those of you who do rent a car, don’t go downtown, there’s way better places near the beach, Ocean Beach.  Why stay in smoggy downtown when you can enjoy the best of SF beaches.

Also, the beaches are the nicest during summer when weather is at its peak near 70s.  Best time to check out the beach is during summer.  There’s also a surf shop where you can rent some surf gear to go surfing too.


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