Photoshop DIY – How to Process/Edit Photos in Photoshop!




(after processing/editing)

I’ve been snooping around for some DIYs on YouTube and found this great Photography DIY on how to edit photos in Photoshop.  I find out that it’s actually channel of Lilian, one of our bloggers on BagWhiz and Mattresszine.

Anyways, Lilian has some really great photography/Photoshop skills I didn’t know about, watch this video on how quickly/efficiently she processes/edits a photo.

I have been actually starting to study photography so this will help me a lot, definitely.


You can also check out Lilian’s photography work here, very cool. (and her YouTUbe channel)

Great job Lilian, please send me your future works, I want to learn photography!

P.S. Interesting to note that I listen to same trance music as her…

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