Save Earth Idea – Recycling Arcade Game!

Call me a gambler but I think the world would have much more incentive to recycle if we had more of these recycling arcade games in every block of every city in the world.

Even better, I’d say legalize gambling legal just for these recycling arcade games except that you can only use recyclable bottles and cans as money.  (but win money if you hit jackpot)

I think it’s a safe bet since most casinos do take the money, I don’t see how the government could lose.

Of course, with the amount of politics involved, this might not be possible but indeed would make recycling a whole lot more efficient and fun.

Even those who are broke from gambling in real casinos can collect cans/bottles to try again, perhaps win jackpot and another life.

via hackaday


Watch this video on the recycling arcade game experiment:


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