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Looks like Korea has started their very first production of supercars, Spirra from OullimMotors. (스피라)  Not only the Spirra goes head to head and beats Lamborghinis and Porche 911 Turbos, these could possibly be making their way over to the States in the next couple years.  Well, I will be definitely getting one, hopefully I have enough money to buy one when it’s available here in SF. 🙂

When hooked to a supercharger, the Spirra S makes 400 hp. Not bad at all. However, when a turbocharger gets involved the Spirra Turbo generates a whopping and impressive 500 hp. Looks like there is a replacement for displacement, no? A supercar needs this sort of thrust, especially when it’s going to tangle with the aforementioned big dogs of the Italian persuasion. And here’s the kicker — the Spirra only weighs about 2,200 pounds. That’s one fat guy more than a Lotus Elise. Meaning its power-to-weight ratio is on the deviant side of totally insane.

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Check out some of these videos:


Looks like Spirra first made its debut as a race car from a company that started from nothing and then started winning all these races:


Spirra drifting:


Inside view of Spirra:


Little bit about the history about the man who created Spirra who went to Italy for 8 years to study Italian supercars: (It’s in Korean but I can read Korean, can you? LMAO)


Spirra on Dyno:


More vids:


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