Portable Stepper!

Remember I got the manual treadmill couple months back?  It’s been working great but I found a better solution for people living in small apartments, Portable Stepper!

This Portable Stepper not only save space, it allows you to step in “elliptical” motion.  I might have to get this real soon.

This is the compact elliptical trainer that provides the same lower leg motion as full-sized elliptical trainers but is small enough to slip under a bed or stow in a closet. The non-slip footpads provide stable footing as you move your feet forward or backward, forcing you to engage your abdominal muscles to keep balance–typical elliptical machines do not engage your abdominal muscles because they have handholds to provide balance. Tension can be adjusted using the dial.

Price: $129.95 @HammacherSchlemmer


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