Arduino Hack – How to Make a Brain-controlled Device!


By using the Star Wars Force Trainer toy, these guys hacked it along with Arduino to control sound.  I think this is actually a great way to make a brain-controlled device of all sorts.

Hacked EEG wireless headset produces a pure musical tone when a user concentrates. When not concentrating the user heres a combination of voices – one must find the right tone in their mind among chaos . Connected to Ardunio Nano, and running PD on a connected laptop to generate music. Toy parts for less than $150.

The brain-controlled music device:


The original Star Wars Force Trainer Toy:


via hackaday

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  1. Manuel Ortiz says:

    I´m a musician and a composer. Please let me know if I can be more productive and make music directly with your interface and how mu$$h cost this amazing toy. ¿is easy to connect to a laptop? ¿Can I use a easy programs like Cakewalk, Nuendo, etc.? My email:

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