NexCopy 40 and 60 Port USB Duplicator!

(The new 60 PORT USB Duplicator!)

Remember I mentioned NexCopy’s 20 Port USB Duplicator about a year and a half ago? Well, they just pinged me on their new 40 and 60 port USB duplicators.  That’s right, these USB duplicators can copy 60 USB Flash Drives at a time!  If your company does a lot of promotion and give out schwag through USB Flash drives, you might want to get one of these machines for sheezy.

Easy as a photocopier. With advanced software features and friendly user interface, copy 60 blank USB flash drives, simply and automatically. No “copy-n-paste.” No single drive loading. No hassles. The USB600PC is a PC Based system, capable of copying at your flash drives’ maximum transfer speeds.

You can currently get the 20 Port USB Duplicator here but you can probably contact NexCopy directly here for the new 40 and 60 port versions.

I think these are the best on the market right now, I don’t see how wrong you can go with these.

Oh yeah, I also noticed that NexCopy now even has SD Card duplicators, those are great for photographers.

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