Samsung TV Hack – How to Hack Samsung’s Linux Firmware!


The new Samsung LCD TVs run Linux for their firmware I guess and here’s some guy who has hacked it so the Samsung TV can do other things such as networking and file share.

Their modified Samsung firmware is available as SamyGo but you will first have to learn to enable telnet into your Samsung TV.

I think this opens a lot of doors for people like me who love hacking linux-based systems.  Perhaps you can even install a WordPress blog on your Samsung TV sorta like the Palm Pre.

SamyGO is a project for reverse engineering Samsung TV’s Firmwares which is partially Open Sourced. ( Literaly Samsung TV Firmware Hacking Project )
We try to fix problems that in the firmware. We don’t want money from you. We make this modifications for us and ourself but you are allowed to join us.

via hackaday

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