Broadband Still Lacking in the U.S.!

I have to admit, my Comcast cable DSL is pretty darn fast, fast enough for me to get things done but it’s never fast enough as the fiber-optic networked 300Mbps that virtually every household in South Korea is getting.

Every year, I talk to one of my friends in South Korea.   3 years ago, I asked my friend, “so, how fast is your internet now?”  He replies, “I get 100Mbps at my apartment, they’ve got fiber-optics connected to the central network in Seoul.”

Couple days ago, I asked my friend again the same question, he replies, “I get somewhere around 300Mbps in my apartment, South Korea has upgraded their network every year.”

Of course, you have to think about how much easier it is to setup fiber-optic cables all across South Korea while the States would take at least 50-100 times more wires.

Besides, that their mobile broadband is also 50 times faster with WiMax.

So what?

I am just complaining that the U.S. is falling behind the world broadband race.   I am surprised that the U.S. has interstate highways all over America (which something no other country in the world can copy), yet the internet infrastructure is no where in comparison.

Read this article on NYTimes for more on the Congress mandating FCC to upgrade our broadband


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