How to Make your Next High School Football Game Gellin’ with Portable Seat!

If you happen to go to your kids high school football game on a regular basis (and your butt hurts from sitting on the benches for hours), you might want to seriously getting something to comfort your rear such as this awesome, gellin’ Portable Seat.  At $59.95, it’s not cheap but certainly a great way to protect your butt from getting things like Jeep Disease. This seat can also work great on in your driver seat if you spend a lot of time driving.  Duh~   Get one.

Better yet, you can also try one of these outdoor lounge chairs.  (I have one and they ROCK!)

The soft, pliant gel- and supportive foam-filled pads disperse weight across the width of the cushion, relieving point-of-contact pressure inherent in long periods of sitting (at a desk, behind the wheel of a car, in bleachers while viewing a sporting event, and more), helping to prevent or lessen back strain and blood vessel and capillary constriction.


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