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I tend to get a little crazy when I go to my local grocery store.  Literally, I fall into a trance that the shopping cart is a skateboard and start cruising fast through the aisles.

Of course, I thought I was crazy but here’s a kid who made a DIY motorized shopping cart!  (And even got a ticket for driving on public roads!)

Seriously though, I’d love to get hands on one of these shopping cart go carts.  Even better, they should have these for the handicapped at grocery stores.

I wonder, can it drift though?  That’s the big question.

The LOLrioKart consists of a big stack of NiCd aircraft batteries and a 15hp brushless motor rigged up to an old shopping cart with upgraded wheels. As you can see by the video, it travels at a pretty good clip, up to 45MPH. And you’ve got to assume that in Cambridge, seeing a motorized shopping cart with a nerd inside tooling around on the street isn’t all that shocking.

via gizmodo, build link

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