USB Spherical Microphone Review!


Do you need an awesome microphone that is “studio quality” so you can keep plugging along at your podcasts?  Well, the new USB Spherical Microphone might just be the thing you need.  Not only does it look/work like an authentic studio microphone, it works flawlessly with your USB connection.  Sounds like a great microphone I will get soon.

It captures clean digital sound comparable to microphones used in professional studios, making it ideal for podcasts, voice or musical instrument recording, video conferencing, or voice-over-IP telephony. It has two selectable polar patterns: cardioid, allowing it to pick up sounds directly in front at full volume (and sounds behind it at diminished volume) or omnidirectional, allowing it to pick up sounds at equal volume at 360º. A pivot mount on the bottom of the microphone allows you to position it 45º forward or backward and a removable shock ring mount isolates the microphone from structural noise that can muddy sound.

Price: $189.95 on HammacherSchlemmer

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