Fashion DIY – How to Wear Shoe Boots!

Here’s some cool fashion DIY for the ladies, how to wear shoe boots.

For one, I never knew such thing existed, “shoe boots”?

Well, I learned something new today and Jessica over has a great blog post on how to wear one of these Shoe Boots.  (and she also points out some great styles to choose from under $100.)

When it comes to shoes for fall 09, booties are still hot. Whether you call them a shoebooty or shoe bootie (or ankle boots), they’re cute. Calling them “booties” reminds me of the little booties that babies wear, but no one seems to mind. So, what shoe boots are cute for right now? And, even more importantly, let’s discuss how to wear shoe boots. Because the worst thing is to buy something great and then have no idea what to do with it besides look at it longingly in your closet.


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