Anti-Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair Review!


2 weeks ago I bought one of these awesome anti-gravity recliner lounge chairs so I can keep blogging anywhere I want while my body is recessed at a 20 degree angle at the beach.  I am also about to go out to the beach (and will take pictures of my recliner lounge chair) but these are the most AWESOME lounge chairs ever made.

I even did some research before buying this cool lounge chair and found that the LaFuma was actually the inventor of these lounge chairs.  Their patent expired so everyone else started making them too.  I don’t see much value in buying the original LaFumas as they are pretty much all the same things.

Price: $64.99 on Amazon

P.S. These make perfect relaxing outdoor chairs for your backyard too.  Why get anything else?  These are the best designed lounge chairs ever!

Update: Also check this one out, similar but futuristic-lookin!  Of course, don’t forget about portable hammocks too.

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