Weight Hack – How to Make Smart Bathroom Scale that Logs Your Weight!

In these days of high tech gadget, I have no idea why every bathroom scale doesn’t come with an SD card slot so it will automatically record your weight over time but here’s a great hack showing you how to make a smart bathroom scale that does all.

On this project I hacked a digital bathroom scale, for write (log) my weight variations over time, on a memory SD Card. I write the information (time date + weight) on a comma separated values (.CSV) file so I can quickly build a graph using OpenOffice, Gnuplot or some other capable program.

If anyone want to build a scale like this one, I can help, my e-mail is: casainho@gmail.com. I can also build a personalized system, please contact me for price and details. I would like to see this project grow, I would like to be able to buy on the market an Open Hardware and Open Source scale like this one – please contact me if you ave any ideas.

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