NEW LG Chocolate Phone is OUT – LG-SU630/KU6300/LU6300!

Wow, I am impressed, the South Koreans are really creating a new standard for smartphones.  Clearly, the new LG Chocolate phone going by model numbers LG-SU630, LG-KU6300, and LU6300 are right on the mark for the next revolution of iPhone killers.

Like the new line of Samsung W8500, this new LG Chocolate features a whopping 800×345 pixel WVGA AMOLED LCD, plays DivX movies, a whopping 8 megapixel camera, and a 3D GUI. (Launched 9/29/09)

It looks like this phone has been launched since only about a week ago so, we should expect it here in the States about next year. 🙂


(Image via LGEPR Flickr)

For one, check out this hilarious test of the new LG Chocolate phone durability:


Yes, no need for invisishield, ziggzagg, and all that.

Check out this video of games on the new LG:


Here’s a video review done by Korean reviewers at



(More details from, Korea’s search engine)

I used to have an LG Chocolate phone back in 2006, now it seems they have upgraded the phone a LOT.

Clearly, this LG phone beats an iPhone hands down, nevermind a Pre, MyTouch, and all the rest of the crap we are getting in the US.  (I am seriously considering a new remote-office in South Korea soon…)

2 Responses to NEW LG Chocolate Phone is OUT – LG-SU630/KU6300/LU6300!

  1. simon says:

    where can I buy LG KU6300????

  2. harold says:

    what is the unlock code for the phone locked of my cellphone LG-su630

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