Google Trike, I want one!

Google Trike may be one of the first signs that Google may indeed planning to take photographs of virtually everything that exists on earth today.  (well, maybe they will eventually go into space someday, we will never know)

Google is actually offering visitors to submit places that you want the Google Trike to go such as amusement parks, zoos, or anywhere a Google Trike can go. (and Google Van can’t.  I’ve actually submitted one myself, the SF Zoo.  I just don’t see why a zoo in Japan is already on GoogleMaps in ultra high-res while my local SF Zoo (which is one of the best zoos in California) isn’t discoverable on GoogleMaps.  Well, so goes my wishes to Googlers.  (And yes, I LOVE ANIMALS!  I feel like I am one too!)

Google Trike may be also be a great idea for building one yourself to take continuous photos of where you travel to. (on the trike that is…)

I think Google also may offer some jobs to people to for riding the Google Trike around, that maybe one of the best jobs out there, look for it at your local job posting. (or craiglist)

If you spot a Google Trike in your local area, don’t forget to take a picture and send it to me at zedomax [at] gmail or @zedomax on Twitter.  I will send you a free T-shirt for that.

We’re working hard to bring Street View to new places, but some interesting areas, like pedestrian malls and trails, cannot be reached by car. That’s why we’ve created the Street View trike; a mechanical masterpiece made of 3 bicycle wheels, a mounted Street View camera, and a very athletic cyclist.

Tell us where to ride!

The Street View trike has already collected some imagery, but now we’re accepting your suggestions for where to send it next in the United States. Send us your most inspired suggestions for the places you really want to see featured in Street View.


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