Blackberry Storm 2 First Images and Gizmodo thinks Storm 2 is a Piece of SH**!

Here’s some of the first images of the new Blackberry Storm 2.  This grabbed my attention because part of the reason why I didn’t buy a new Blackberry was because the new Blackberries really sucked. (no real improvements over previous versions other than new packaging)

Don’t get me wrong, I used to LOVE my Blackberry (8830), it was the most versatile piece of gadget I had as it fit in my pocket snuggly plus it actually had a physical keyboard so I can type blinded while driving 80MPH interstate highway 101.  I had that Blackberry 8830 for almost 2 years until it broke on me couple months ago.  I went to the store to buy the new Blackberry Tour, only to end up buying Palm Pre, which has a WiFi router capabilities.

For the 2 years I had the 8830, I was very tempted to get the Blackberry Curve or the Blackberry Storm, both of which I ended up NOT getting, simply because my friends got them.  In my testings, the Curve and the Storm both had a camera (which was great) but they were about twice as thick as my 8830.  Plus, the browser wasn’t much improved, I would have to keep using my Opera Mini, which is still lacking for multi-media.  I even tested out the Curve/Storm’s YouTube video playing capabilities, which it uses not flash but Windows Media Player like thingee and not 300×250 pixels. (like iPhone and Palm Pre)  I didn’t see why I had to upgrade my old blackberry, I decided to wait for the next Blackberry.

Of course, Blackberry Tour recently introduced and that sucked too.  Good thing Palm Pre came out at around the same time so, good by Blackberry!

I wish Blackberry would actually start introducing innovations like they used to.  Right now, as far as I can see, there’s no competitive advantage for Blackberries especially since more smartphones are being created by big companies like Samsung and LG.  Btw, have you SEEN the new Samsung and LG smartphones they have in South Korea?  (It’s ridiculous, like iPhone times 45!)

Anyways, I have to agree with Brian Lam’s point that Blackberry Storm 2 is probably piece of sh*t if it doesn’t already come with AMOLED and a physical keyboard.  It seems Blackberry is actually trying things that have failed, WHY?!?

But truly, I hope Blackberry starts acting like Blackberry again instead of making 2nd-grade smartphones that can’t compete with iPhones and Palm Pres.  At least they should treat bloggers nicer. 🙂

P.S. Me and the guys are secretly happy we don’t have to review yet another piece of shit touchscreen handset (our opinion was informed by Walt and Engadget’s impressions, FYI, and has nothing to do with the politics of the situation.) If was really worth reviewing, we’d go out and buy one for testing.






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