Food Hack – How to Make Strawberry Jam!

Making strawberry jam might be one of the fun things to do, especially if you enjoy eating some nice bread and butter with jam in the morning to get jammin’.

Of course, you can buy strawberry jam but a lot of those on the market are not fresh and contain preservatives, something your body probably doesn’t need to become healthier.

Anyways, check out this great video on YouTube that shows you how to make strawberry jam in small batches:


Also, you can get the full text recipe here.

This quickly prepared jam calls for smaller amounts of fruit and sugar. Cooking it in a wide pan speeds up the gelling process, so no pectin is needed. The jam has a soft set, a bright color and a full fruit flavor. It is just right for spooning onto toast or muffins, but may not be stiff enough for a peanut butter sandwich.

Oh boy, I am getting hungry just talking about strawberry jam.  I will be back in a bit, going to get my bread and strawberry jam… 😉


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