WordPress Hack – How to Run a WordPress Blog on Lighttpd!

For the last couple months, I have been playing around with a lot of different web servers.  Because my web servers kept going down, I had to find a new solution to help minimize my on-growing web server hosting costs.

About 2 years ago, one of the tech support guys at the dedicated server hosting company told me there’s a lighter web server called “Lighttpd”.

Well, I digged all the information I could on Lighttpd and found pieces of information that could let me run Zedomax.com on Lighttpd.  (I also did find many other good web server alternatives like Nginx and Cherokee but I won’t go into that today, I will keep experimenting and reporting over at WebServerHacks.com, my new blog for that subject.)

Anyways, after 2 days of no sleep and digging the internet and trying on my test web servers, I finally mastered the art of running Lighttpd on my WordPress blog.

Yes, this blog now runs Lighttpd, no more Apache.  It runs waaay faster, handles waaay more web traffic, AND I saved a bunch of money on web server upgrades.

Anyways, I’ve detailed every step as best I can on how to run a WordPress Blog on Lighttpd, step-by-step over at my new Web Server Hacks Blog, so check it out if you are running WordPress blog and you need to save money/run sites faster.

In my recent conversions, my web servers are now able to handle about 2-3 times more web traffic than before using Lighttpd.

Before, my servers went down every couple days because of too much traffic.

Now, my servers “almost” never go down.

My web hosting costs went down from $1500 a month to $600 because my web servers now can handle 2-3 times more traffic.  Over a year, that’s about $8,000 in savings.  It made enough of a difference where I could use the money saved for other things in my blogging business.


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