Do you like to tinker with your computer a lot like me?  Well, you can make yourself a DIY CPU Desk like the guys over at Evil Mad Scientists did.  Way cool. (via bed blog)

I just love the way that this desk looks. But it gives me an idea too– take it one step further, and what if it worked? You could use a single, giant PCB for the motherboard which sat underneath the glass surface of the desk. With that much area, you could fit in a lot of processing power. On the cheap (or moderately cheap), one could imagine instead filling the inside of a desk top with low-cost (even last-generation) PC motherboards to make a great looking beowulf cluster or render farm that doesn’t take up any desktop or rack-mount space.

Seriously though, I’d LOVE to see a working version, a REAL desktop PC!  That’s on my list of priorities now.



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