Food Hack – How to Make “real” Whipped Cream!

Whipped cream is probably the single most important cream thingee when it comes to eating pumpkin pie. (for me)  Without whipped cream, pumpkin pie wouldn’t taste like a pumpkin pie.

According to WikiHow:

“Whipped cream” from a can is neither whipped nor cream. Whip up the real thing yourself either by hand or with an electric mixer, and the fresh taste will keep you from ever going back to the spray-on variety.

Does that mean all that nitrous oxide you have been inhaling isn’t from a real whipped cream?  Probably, not only does “real” whipped cream really “whipped”, there’s no side-additives like nitrous oxide to make you feel all bloated and high.

There’s a bunch of DIYs out there, here’s few of the best handpicked ones:

  • StartCooking has a great tutorial loaded with pics and detailed step-by-step instructions to making “real” whipped cream.
  • Instructable has a good tutorial on how to make “fresh” and “real” whipped cream. (version 2 here)
  • has a good tutorial on how to make “real” whipped cream but missing some pictures, I wish there were more pics!
  • eHow as always, has a good, simple tutorial.

Enjoy the holidays and make sure you make “real” whipped cream.  Other than that, stay away from all the nitrous oxide cans, they are probably killing your brain cells… 🙂


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