Cat DIY – How to Make Cat Auto Food Feeder!

Still feeding your lovely cat “manually”?  It’s time to get off your lazy a** and start making one of these cool cat auto food feeders.  Especially if you work during the day, this little device could feed your cat while you are gone.  Better yet, build a gigantic version when you are gone for couple days so your cat never feels hunger.

I needed a self feeder for my cat, so he would stop waking me up. After looking around on the Net (and instructables) I did find one that I based this feeder on, in a book called (Snowball Launchers, Giant-Pumpkin Growers, and Other Cool Contraptions by Tom Fox) I take no credit for it. Just didn’t like the idea of using cardboard. I also wasted a lot of time trying to use electric motors and timers. This was a much better idea and has been working well so far.

via instructables



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