Sonoro Black Elements W Internet FM Radio + iPod/iPhone Dock!

You might have noticed this cool Sonoro Alarm Clock/Internet FM radio unit at your latest W Hotel stay.  Well, these are really cool, stylish devices that lets you listen to your favorite internet radio while being able to function as a traditional FM alarm clock/radio too.

The internal WiFi antenna embedded within the Black Elements W Internet FM Radio connects to internet via your home/office WiFi to bring you the best of internet radio without turning on your computer or messing with iTunes and WinAmp.

Personally, I listen to internet radio all the time because there’s always some new stations/beats I like using WinAmp.   Already there’s many options for internet FM radios out there but this surely is the top-of-the-line internet radio unit as it’s going to get.

Plus, this cool little Sonora device acts as an iPod/iPhone dock so you can use it as speakers or simply just charge your devices.

This timeless, high-quality Internet/FM radio alarm clock let’ s you choose from over 10,000 radio stations worldwide as well as listen to your favorite local FM programs. Select stations either by country or genre such as pop, jazz, classical, and many more. Connect the optional docking attachment (sold separately) and play your iPod with the press of a button. A sleek, sturdy remote control mirrors the beauty of this impressive radio.

Price: $499 @BurkeDecor






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