Halloween Food Hack – How to Make Pumpkin Pie!

Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays are nearing and you know what it’s time for, Pumpkin Pie!

There’s so many great instructions out on the internet right now, let me sort through them and show you some of the better ones:

  • PickYouOwn.org has a great set of pics, PDFs, and instructions on how to make a real homemade pumpkin pie, highly recommend it.
  • eHow has a rather simple way to make a pumpkin pie, recommended for busy peeps.
  • WikiHow has a great DIY on how to make a pumpkin pie straight from real pumpkins.

Also, you might want to watch some of these YouTube vids that show you how to make pumpkin pie:




That should be enough stuff for you to try making your own pumpkin pie.  As for me, I will be heading to the grocery store to get me a pumpkin pie, I simply don’t have time to cook lately, too much blogging.


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