Halloween DIY – How to Make a Pumpkin that Honks!

Here’s a fun Halloween DIY that shows you how to make a pumpkin that HONKS!  It would be even cooler if the pumpkin honks when people are near by using sensors, still a great idea for gadgetizing your pumpkin, bravo!

Control board showing the two 555 timers, two MOSFETs, pot to control horn blast timing and other discrete elements. The first 555 timer starts when the red button is pushed and it turns on the red 12v bulbs through the 1st MOSFET (P10NK60ZFP). After 1 second this timer stops and cascades a pulse to the 2nd 555 timer which repeats the process turning on the horns through the 2nd MOSFET and relay.

via hackedgadgets




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