Watch DIY – How to Replace Watch Battery!

Recently, my TokyoFlash Rogue‘s battery ran out so I has to replace the battery.  Since I like doing things myself, I figured that I could do this myself.

Depending on the watch you have, you can either pop the back out using a slim tool (or thin knife) or a watch repair kit.

To replace your watch battery, first you need to take the back out.  If the back of your watch has a small recessed area (like a tab), that means you can simply pop the back of your watch.

If so, follow these directions otherwise you will need a watch wrench to turn the back and take it out.

1) Simply take a very thin knife tool such as shown below and pop the tool upwards towards the sky.


2) For my TokyoFlash watch, there’s a watch module that also simply pops out.  After that you take one screw out to get to the battery.


3) Replace the battery with a CR2025 3V battery, then put it back in your watch.  Simply pop your watch back in.  Or if you are having trouble, get some cloth to wrap around the watch (so you don’t scratch it) and nudge it with a wrench until you hear the “pop”.


Most watch repair shops will charge you like anywhere between $10-20 but heck, if you can do this yourself after reading this, don’t mind sending me $5 donations. haha.

Also here’s a video on YouTube that shows you how to do it:


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