Top 85 Halloween Costume Ideas!

FUN Halloween Costume Ideas


1. Rubik’s Cube costume will have your friends wondering when you will be “solved”.


2. Men In Black costume looks cool and baaaad. (with the big guns that is…)


3. Nike Sneaker Costume, great for sports fans.


4. Hilarious, toilet paper costume!


5. I really like this one, Spy versus Spy Halloween costume, great for couples.


6. You may also want to consider some eye enhancements with these great contact lenses for Halloween.


7. Criminal Costumes cost these criminals some time in jail. (but maybe good Halloween costume ideas)


8. Chick Magnet and Lego costume for guys who need chicks.


9. Bear with Balls Costume from Japan – This might be hard to get here but still a really funny and wacky idea for Halloween.


10. One Night Stand costume is surely gonna get you laid this Halloween without a doubt.


11. Ronald McDonald Killer costume for McDonald lovers, genius!


12. Weird Facepaints like this one that looks like the tongue is sticking out might be good too.


13. Remember, you can also dress up your car with cool Halloween Costume like this Beetle.


14. You can also add some nice Halloween jewelry to your costume with Halloween-themed rings like this spider ring.


15. Recycled Beer Bottle Cowboy hat would be perfect for Texas, southerners, or you just want to be one for Halloween of course. πŸ™‚


16. Also think about eco-friendly costumes like these Fairy Wings you can make without making much impact on carbon footprint.


17. Remember, you can also “rent” really outlandish Halloween costumes like this Huggy Bear.


18. Don’t forget vegetarians, check out ketchup and mustard costume here.


19. Audrey Hepburn costume for anyone wants to be like her!


20. Get the Will Ferrell Spartan Cheerleader costume if you are going to the ball games on Halloween.


21. Become a fairy for this Halloweens, get the Tinker Bell costume!


22.Β  I might actually get this, get totally wasted on Halloween wearing this Beer Bottle costume, perfect plan!


23. Plug and Socket is great for a couple, very funny too where ever you go.


24. SouthPark Satan is just plain AWESOME!


25. PopEye has been my idol since I was young, become one for Halloween!

26. Asian Geisha costume is perfect for becoming an Asian goddess for a day.

27. Become an American Astronaut for Halloween!

28. I wish my girlfriend would dress as a German Beer Girl for halloween, haha.

29. How about becoming a Bumble Bee for a day?


Better yet, get Bumble Bee outfit for your kids too and MATCH!
30.Werewolf costume is AWESOME!


If you don’t want to make your own, you can get this Werewolf Mask too.
31. Paper Bag Mask is a great idea for copying and pasting some celebrity face pics.

32. Octopus costume is another simple costume you can make using some leftover foam.

33. Out of time and you want to be a Batman?Β  Do not worry as you can learn how to make a Batman mask with just duct tape!

34. Don’t forget, you can learn how to make fake wounds.Β  Having a LOT of wounds by itself will look gross and enough of a costume for Halloween I think.

35. Body in Bag costume is a must for those of you who need to look dead.

36. If you need wings, make one of these dragon wings that will be a perfect costume for flying through the crowd.

37. The severed hand alone might be good enough of a costume and it looks gross!

38. Disco ball costume is a great way to attract attention at night at the clubs while reflecting all the light, just don’t wear this to a laser show, you will blind people!

39. This is a killer Halloween costume, a Jigsaw Killer Headtrap!

40. Wolverine Claws are probably one of the best X-men mods for Halloween.


Geek/Tech Halloween Costume Ideas

41. Check out Dead Pixel Halloween costume for those of you who have no time but want to still be very geeky.

42. Space Suit costume is a must for space exploration lovers!


43. Halo 3 Costume is great for looking like a real alien.
44. PacMan costume is surely a girl-getter for Halloween. You can also “hide” stuff in your game box.


45. YouTube Costume is one of my very favorites, why not make a Facebook or even Twitter costume?


46. The Robot cardboard costume may be simple to make but effective for getting girls?


47. MeKeVoRkA Star Wars costume will really be great for indoor club parties on Halloween.Β  My favorite although it looks hard to make.


48. LED Jellyfish costume is surely going to get you some attention at the Halloween party.


49. Gaping Hole Costume is great for special effects.


50. The big Phone cardboard costume is great as a Halloween costume and a disguise wherever you stand!


Baby/Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas


51. Baby Banana Halloween costume is perfect for babies who love bananas.


52. Football Linebacker Toddler’s costume is perfect for football-loving parents who want their kids to be linebackers during Halloween.


53. Toddler Pumpkin costume is great for your kids who wanna be “pumpkins”!


54. Baby Rainbow Chickie makes your baby look cute during Halloween, just want to eat ’em!


55. Thomas the Tank infant costume can make your baby look cool.


56. Little Devil Costume for your baby, what a way to start off their first Halloween!


57. Can you say Tootsie Roll?


58. Monkey Ballerina is slightly weird but another good choice.


59. Grey Mouse for kids, a good choice for cat lovers.


60.Kid’s Yoda Costume may work great with other Star Wars-themed costumes.


61. Baby Lobster is great for your baby, looks yummy~


62. Wonderbread Halloween costume for kids, they are good for your kid’s health!


Kids Halloween Costume Ideas
63. Zelda Costume is great for kids and retro-game lovers.


64. Vampire Girl comes with wings and will be great for girls who always wanted to be a real vampire.


65. Try Star Trek Spock costume for Kids if you are going to dress up as a Star Trek crew (family).


66. Hannah Montana Costume for singers.

colonel sanders

67. I love KFC and this Colonel Sanders costume!


68. Do you want to feel big during Halloween? Then try the Godzilla costume!


69. Ugly Doll Costume rocks!


70. Muppet-like costumes might be great for your kids.


71. Here’s another cool Barbarian costume, all homemade. Be barbaric on Halloween!

Food Costume Ideas


72. Sushi costume is a great idea for sushi lovers. (and make sure to dine out at a Japanese restaurant on Halloween!)


73. Bacon costume is another great example of using food as a Halloween costume.


74. SunMaid Raisin Girl costume for raisin lovers!

Pet Halloween Costume Ideas


75. Don’t forget about your furry loved ones, get the Dracula Dog costume for them.


76. Dog wigs are great for Halloween and you can keep using them for funny photos too.


77. Also read up on how to make Star Wars-themed costumes for your dogs!


78. Redneck Dog costume is cool for your dog to be redneck during Halloween.


79. Here’s more cool dog Halloween costume ideas like this Hot Dog!


80. And yes, your pet birds can have a Halloween costume too.

SHARK! Costume Ideas


81. Shark Halloween Costume for kids, perfect match with the next Shark Attack costume.


82. Like this Shark Attack costume?


83. Wobbegong Shark Costume for shark lovers!

Group Halloween Costume Ideas


84. Here’s a good one for a big group, try Tetris Halloween costume, each piece/color for each person.


85. Transformers Costume for transforming into robots this Halloween, not a bad idea.

15 Responses to Top 85 Halloween Costume Ideas!

  1. m38967 says:

    Wowza! Max. You rocked it out with this ginormous collection of 85 Halloween costumes. Am digging the Pacman, the dog wig, the beetle car, the shark costumes, lol. Good stuff!

    P.S. Thanxs for linking to my Ketchup/Mustard costume.

  2. zedomax says:

    Sure, thanks! Yeah, it tooks me like 3 hours to get these, my goal was to get like 100 but I gave up at 85. πŸ™‚

  3. red_cat_girl says:

    The “bear with balls” is not a bear at all, it's a raccoon or in Japanese a tanuki, they have been shown with big balls over there since f-o-r-e-v-e-r, they even have statues at some of there centuries old shrines with the big balled raccoons. And in their legends the raccoons where known to smother people to death with their balls >>;

  4. zedomax says:

    Thanks for clarifying, sharing some Japanese culture. πŸ™‚

  5. red_cat_girl says:

    The “bear with balls” is not a bear at all, it's a raccoon or in Japanese a tanuki, they have been shown with big balls over there since f-o-r-e-v-e-r, they even have statues at some of there centuries old shrines with the big balled raccoons. And in their legends the raccoons where known to smother people to death with their balls >>;

  6. zedomax says:

    Thanks for clarifying, sharing some Japanese culture. πŸ™‚

  7. The Spy vs. Spy costumes brought tears of happiness to my eyes — I have such fond memories of MAD Magazine, and the infamous Alfred E. Neuman (“What me worry?”).

    I’m very tempted to try the “do it yourself dragon wings” plan there. That looks really interesting, but I suspect that some very light-weight material may be needed to construct those wings.

  8. Paul says:

    Wow, this list is good, but could have been shortened to like a top 10 or at most a top 20. The majority looks like you just surfed around costume sites and pulled crap from there to make this list as big as possible.. I thought I was going to view custom costumes… not buy from the store costumes…

  9. Ronanob says:

    Love the Rubik’s cube costume the best. Must have taken ages to make though.

  10. aaa says:

    u forgot the toy soldiers

  11. Ted says:

    I think they are all great, lots of very good ideas I enjoyed looking at them thanks for sharing I like the severed hand, gruesome.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Lame list, thought there would be something unique at least…

  13. Rainer says:

    Great stuff here ..Now I have some Kool ideas this year !

    Thanks for your time in putting this list up..YOU ROCK 1

  14. Han says:

    Wow they are very very cool – what a great collection! Thanks for taking the time to put these together for us πŸ™‚

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