Hotmail Hacked – User Accounts Exposed!

Here’s an alert for Hotmail users out there.  (I used be one too like 10+ years ago)

Some of Hotmail user account ids/passwords have been exposed to some kind of hack, mostly from European accounts so if you use Hotmail, be sure to change your password today!

BBC News has seen a list of more than 10,000 e-mail accounts, predominantly originating from Europe, and passwords which were posted online.

Microsoft said it had launched an investigation.

Phishing involves using fake websites to lure people into revealing details such as bank accounts or login names.

“We are aware that some Windows Live Hotmail customers’ credentials were acquired illegally and exposed on a website,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

“Upon learning of the issue, we immediately requested that the credentials be removed and launched an investigation to determine the impact to customers.”

via eletricpig


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