Auto DIY – How to Jump Start Your Car with 12V DC Adaptors!

For those of you who are desperately needing to jump start your car (and for some reason even all your cellphones died/you don’t own land lines), you can try this simple method of connecting 12V DC adaptors in parallel to jump-start your car.

So long as you can provide ample 12VDC power, it really doesn’t matter how you jump-start your car.  One time, I even used a 12VDC laptop battery to jump-start my car so…

Rummaging through the parts on hand, [Richard] went with his old friend Sonic the Hedgehog. He used two 12-volt, 1 amp Sega Genesis power adapters in parallel hooked up to a 12 volt, 3 amp power supply. The end result is a 12-volt 5 amp source hooked to the car’s electrical system and used to get their road machine started.

via hackaday


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