Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Oven using Office Supplies at work!

Do you have empty boxes laying around work?  Do you sometimes feel the need to make something cool like a solar oven?

Well, if you’ve answered yes to both questions, you are in luck as you can try making one of these really cool solar ovens, all from parts you can get free from work!  Of course, don’t get fired doing this as your boss might see it as waste of time but if your line of work is science/technology related, you might be able to get by.

This DIY solar oven has been tested up to 120 degrees fahrenheit, enough to cook you some nice “natural” pizza using the power of the sun.  Of course, it will take about an hour to reach that temperature so you might have to plan accordingly.

For those of you who try this out and it works well, be sure to leave comments!  Thanks!


2 Responses to Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Oven using Office Supplies at work!

  1. richhessler says:

    I am enthused by this product! Who says we can't have pizza without electricity?

  2. giminicologu says:

    Interesting design , have been searching these last few days for stuff you can build out of things you can find in your office or home, and this looks like a great idea, found another great one built from 3 inch binders, just google 3 inch binders create

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