Top 5 Pink Ribbon Gadgets – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Susan G. Komen

Pink Ribbon month is here, officially the Breat Cancer Awareness month.

To kick start the awareness, we’ve decided to feature some of the “pink ribbon” gadgets you can buy to “raise” awareness this month.

Remember, every gadget you buy that has the pink ribbon this month will help to bring more awareness to breast cancer research.

So, here it goes:

1) Pink Ribbon Cruiser Bike – This one would actually be a great gift for your girlfriend or wife.


2) Pink Ribbon Pedometer – This would be a great gift for joggers.


3) Nintendo DS Lite Pink – This would be great gadget/game gift also.


4) Indoor/Outdoor Temp/Humidity Reader – This might come in handy for those of you sensitive to weather like me.


5) Pink Ribbon Digital Atomic Clock – Of course, simply but elegant digital clock.


More pink ribbon Susan G. Komen products from Amazon here.

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