FRAUD ALERT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS – Business Filings Division Scam!

There’s a lot of scam companies out there but today I was about to send a $239 check to the State of California and upon closer inspection, found a “clearly” scam/fraud company.

I just wanted to get the word out to other business owners who might receive similar letter from this scam company, they could be literally making millions of dollars from unsuspecting business owners and corporations.

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Talk about major fraud.  I don’t know why the government hasn’t shut them down yet.

I even called their phone number 916-903-5355, it was an automated voicemail and there was no way to actually reach a live person.

Also, I even googled their address, the business does not exist.

They are actually using Regus, a company that provides shared “virtual” offices. (Regus’s Sacramento location matches this address.)

980 Ninth Street 16th floor
Sacramento, CA 95814


980 9th 16th floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Basically they are using a virtual office to forward all their mail and checks to someone we don’t know.


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