420 DIY – How to Make a Gravity Water Drain Controller for Your Marijuana Plants!

Face it, we all face a phase in our life when we encounter marijuana.  It’s not a bad thing really, even after years of not doin’ it since my college years, I still feel it’s okay.  Besides, even Bill Clinton tokes once in awhile, how can something natural be so wrong?
(Plus, Obama can’t be wrong either if he’s our president.  LMAO.)

Anyways, this guide is intended for those of you with Marijuana growers license in California who are “legal” to grow weed in their homes without breaking the law.

This DIY shows how to use gravity and some parts bought from Lowe to keep feeding your plants well.  Enjoy smokers and please, leave comments after you get “high”. (not that I condone it publicly)

The pump is in the resevoir. You can use as low as a 70gph pump or as high as a 220gph pump. I wouldn’t go higher than 220. You set the pump on a timer to fill 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

Hope the info might help a grower in the future.
Any Qs? LEt me know but I give ya fare warning, I get really high when I am on this site.

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