Orange will be Offering iPhone in the UK!

It’s interesting because I have been refusing to get the iPhone because of AT&T here in the States while all of Europe is getting blazingly fast network speeds on their iPhones.  One of my friends “claim” that Skype Mobile works flawlessly in Ukraine and Dubai, which I believe is probably true.

On the side note, Orange will be offering iphones in the UK and O2’s previous exclusive deal with Apple will end soon according to BBC News (which I don’t read much but for all you bloody readers out there…):

The deal ends an exclusive arrangement between UK network operator O2 and the Californian phone maker, which has been in place since 2007.

Orange said its customers would be able to buy the phone “later this year” but did not specify a date or pricing.

Orange will also be merging their network with German T-Mobile it looks like:

Orange recently revealed plans to merge its UK network with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile to create a business with 28.4 million customers.


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