Hover Scooter is only $16,995.00!

Yes, I have been very, very, guilty of making experimental hoverboards in the past but here’s one you can buy and it’s only about 17 grand, still much cheaper than a new hybrid Prius.  If you got extra $17,000 cash sitting under your bed (which I bet you do if you are Asian), simply cash out for this cool Hover Scooter from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Why not?  (Don’t ask me why either.)

LMAO, can you take a joke!?!  Yes, you can.

This hover scooter is actually not a “full” hoverboard as it uses wheels to accelerate itself so I don’t think you can go over water.  But for those of you who need to get to work in uber-geek fashion (like how I would if I had $17,000 under my bed), you NEED TO GET THIS!

Of course, for the uber-rich people but heck, I’d get 10 of these instead of getting a boring Lamborghini.

To increase acceleration, the rider leans back slightly while gripping the handlebar, and the friction drive wheel at the underside rear of the scooter makes contact with the ground, increasing speed up to a maximum of approximately 15 mph. The hovering scooter deftly glides over level, solid ground such as concrete, asphalt, or well-groomed grass, free of debris, sand, stones, and other obstacles.

Price: ONLY $16,995 on Hammacher Schlemmer BUY IT NOW!

I am telling you, if you are rich, this is affordable, here’s someone who bought one:



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