DealMax – Gadget Deals for TODAY ONLY!

I swear to God, always has some great deals on gadgets, here’s a couple you might be interested in.  Remember this is good only for today and these deals never come back so take advantage.

First up is this Toshiba  1080P Up-converting DVD player for $39.99.  (REFURBISHED)  It’s refurbished but still, I would get this as I paid like $50 for a 1080P DVD player at Target couple months back and it SUCKS.


Lenovo Thinkpad T500 is only $899.95, (it’s $949.99 on Amazon btw)  This is a great laptop and if you like Lenovo Thinkpads, get a good deal TODAY!


Looking for an additional HD LCD TV 26″ monitor for your home office?  Get this for just $234.99 today.  (Okay, I feel like a salesman but I have to emphasize these deals are only good for today so just trying to help…)


WOW, here’s a great deal on an Intel 2.5Ghz Dual CPU with 6 GIGABYTES of memory and 500GB of hard drive for just $349.99.  It’s refurbished but desktops should be fine as they practically last forever.  I have an older version of this exact HP Pavillion, it runs great. (I even did a fan CPU cleanout DIY here)


Need memory?  1GB DDR for $29.99 after rebate.


DLink PrintServer just $66.99, get your old printer wirelessly connected!


Okay, seriously though, I hope you don’t read this blog post tomorrow… 🙂

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