AC DIY – How to Make an Air Conditioner!

As someone who loathes hot weather (and part of the reason why I am living in San Francisco where the temperature is 70 degrees fahrenheit all year long), I have always been curious how to make an air conditioner.

This isn’t probably the most efficient air conditioner in the world but you could probably learn a lot about how to make an air conditioner, plus you could easily make a gigantic version to cool your hot home.


More ways to way an air conditioner:

3 Responses to AC DIY – How to Make an Air Conditioner!

  1. John says:

    as an air conditioning expert I can assure you if you try using this set-up in a region that has high humidity, it will actually RAISE the sensible temperature by adding more humidity…This is an expensive SWAMP-COOLER, would be easier and cheaper just to run a wick collected from a bowl in front of a fan…

  2. zedomax says:

    Really, interesting.

  3. zedomax says:

    Really, interesting.

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